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At Pro Touch Auto Detailing we are proud to present a wide variety of services that will cover everything from auto detailing packages, to buffing and polishing, as well as ceramic coating (paint protection).


Give your care that shiny look it had when you first bought it. We use non-silicone and high quality products to take care of your car. Your satisfaction is our job!

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Ceramic Coating is a ceramic paint protection that leaves a protective layer on your car to prevent from bird drops, scratches, stone chips, iron powder, UV, dust and dirt.

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Pro Touch Auto Detailing can polish and buff your vehicle's paint to a smooth silky shine. We use only high quality polishes and waxes to create that show car look you desire.

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Detailing Packages

Basic Deluxe Ultimate VIP VIP Plus Interior
Hand wash (basic wash)
Spotless dry
Tires - wash and shine
Hubcaps - wash and shine

Rims - rust brick removal
Leather cleaning
Dash, door and console clean and shine
Carpet shampoo

Shampoo seats
Shampoo front and rear 4 mats
Rubber mats wash

Stain removal/treatment
Clean interior windows
Deodorize for a clean fresh smell

Remove salt stains, floor mats only

Remove salt stains, floor mats and carpet

Full vacuum, trunk not included

Full vacuum, trunk included

One Coat Butter Wax

Headliner cleaning - starts from $29.99

Pet hair removal - starts from $24.99

Price for Car Sedan/Coupe $60 $115 $150 $175 $230 $135
Price for Truck/SUV (5 seats or less) $75 $135 $170 $195 $255 $150
Price for Mini Van (7 seats) $85 $150 $190 $215 $275 $175
Estimate completion time (hours) 2.0 3.5 4.5 5.0 6.5 4.0
All prices are subject to tax.
Pet hair removal from $25.00 - $50.00
NOTE: Any heavy soil stains will incur an extra charge.

On Demand

Our services to you are not limited to what you see in the packages section or buffing and polishing. We have a set of on-demand services that you can choose solely without the need to get any of our packages. You can also mix and match. If you don't find a service that you are looking please give us a call and certainly we can address it.
Service Time (hr) Price
Engine shampoo and dressing 0.5 $34.99
Pet hair removal starting from Varies $24.99
Carpet shampoo, including salt stain removal, starting from Varies $39.99
Hand wash and wax, scratches not included, starting from 2 $64.99
Headliner, interior ceiling, starting from Varies $29.99
Clay bar from Varies $149.99
Semi Truck and Service vehicles please call for quote. All prices do not include taxes.

Collision Centre & Dealerships

Pro Touch Auto Detailing also serves Dealership and Collision centre. We have special packages tailored for that purpose, please call for quote.

Clay Bar & Waxing

Clay Bar - contaminants can work their way into your paint job even if you can’t see them. We can get rid of the contaminants that a regular wash will not remove with our Professional Clay Bar services. Our clay bar service will leave your paint with a smooth and soft finish and guard it against premature aging leaving your vehicle with a perfect surface ready to receive a wax or protective sealant.

Butter Wax - is a carnauba based liquid wax that gives a deep wet shine to any colour vehicle. A synthetic wax or sealant is certainly going to last longer, however this butter wax was made to shine! Our Butter Wax provides excellent result... the look and shine it provides is not only appealing to detailing professionals, but to most car care enthusiasts.

Provides protection against surface contaminants and UV rays
  • Produces deep, rich "wet look" gloss, especially on dark colors

Improved level of protection with Natural carnauba cleaning power

Starts at $150
Starts at $65

Buffing & Polishing

Make your car shine with Pro Touch Auto Detailing's car detailing service. We can polish and buff your vehicle's paint to a shine. We use only high quality polishes and waxes to create that show car look you desire. Our auto detailing professionals will make your car look like new. We are passionate about what we do and we excel at buffing and waxing! Note: Buffing will not remove deep scrathes that you can feel with your nails.

For more information please call 905-381-9873

  • Fresh layer revealed - This is the primary effect of buffing your car. Under the layer of paint that has been exposed to the elements for years is a fresh layer just waiting to bust out.
  • Longer lasting finish - The best way to prolong the appearance of your vehicle is to take good care of it. Buffing is one way to do this. By treating its exterior with care, your car's finish can last quite a bit longer.
  • Removes minor scratches - No matter how careful you are, scratches to your vehicle's clear coat are bound to happen. Buffing your car will often remove these blemishes, as long as they aren't too deep.

High Speed Buffing using a Makita Buffer. The preferred choice for professionals!

HOW OFTEN to Buff or Polish?

We recommend you have your car/truck/suv buffed and polished once per year.


Starts at $250

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