Weather Shield & Paint Protectant Application

At Pro Touch Auto Detailing we are pleased to offer top of the line Weather Shield & Paint Protectant application.

Key Benefits:

  ·   Creates protective barrier
  ·   Provides protection against road salt, bird droppings, road tar, acid rain, tree sap, bugs, and road grime
  ·   Provides protection against UV rays
  ·   Protect paint from fading, and oxidation
  ·   Enhances gloss

For Best Results We Recommend:

  ·   Weather Shield & Paint Protectant applied every 12 months
  ·   Only utilize touchless car wash facilities or detail shops familiar with this service
  ·   Refrain from soaps not specifically designed for vehicles (NO DISHSOAP)


  ·   4 Door Sedan $120.00
  ·   SUV or Truck $150.00
  ·   Large SUV or Van $175.00

Service Price
Scratch removal, from $74.99
Overspray removal, from $174.99
High speed buffing and polishing, from $149.99
Leather polish, from $74.99
White painted car brake rust/dust removal, from $99.99
Sticker removal, from $74.99
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